Lhakar website launched in Dharamsala
Mar 2011 09

March 9, 2011 – A group of Tibetan activists, writers, and artists today launched a website dedicated to Lhakar (www.lhakar.org), a grassroots movement in Tibet aimed at promoting Tibetan culture, language, and solidarity. Lhakar is a people’s movement that emerged in Tibet in late 2008, when Tibetans in various parts of Tibet started making a conscious effort to assert their identity and control their social and cultural space. The name Lhakar means White Wednesday, a day chosen for its significance because of it being the soul day of the Dalai Lama.

“We are launching this website to promote the spirit of Lhakar among Tibetans in exile. We encourage everyone to make a Lhakar Pledge to take an action every Wednesday that will strengthen the Tibetan freedom struggle or weaken China’s oppressive system,” said the group of activists releasing the website.

The website is being released by a group of Tibetans including Shingza Rinpoche, Sera Monastery; Tsewang Dhondup, 2008 uprising survivor; Tenzin Tsundue, poet-activist; Tendor, executive director of Students for a Free Tibet; Dechen Pemba, editor of High Peaks Pure Earth; Lhadon Tethong, director of Tibet Action Institute; Techung, leading musician; Tenchoe, director of SFT India; Tenzin Jigme, International Tibet Network; Jigme Ugen, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Minnesota; among others.

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