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Lhakar in the Media0

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Listen to this amazing interview (in Tibetan) on RFA about Lhakar. The guests include someone calling in from Tibet, plus organizers of the Boston Lhakar Vigil and the newly born DC Lhakar Vigil. As of today, there are over 16 cities around the world that are observing community vigils and actions every Wednesday.

Yesterday, the website Open Democracy published an indepth article on Lhakar written by Fiona McConnell and Tenzin Tsering. This piece is now among our highly recommended reading for everyone who is interested in Tibetan activism.

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A Christmas gift from SFT Poland0

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Crackdown vs Slowdown1

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As Lhakar becomes a nationwide movement, it is bound to face certain obstacles. One external obstacle is already emerging: China’s crackdown on Lhakar. But this heavy-handed crackdown on people speaking Tibetan, wearing certain clothes, and eating vegetables – a reflection of China’s declining confidence and growing insecurity – will backfire on the regime and end up strengthening Lhakar in the long run. Every dictatorship, at some point in its final days, activates its entire apparatus of oppression in a last-ditch attempt to maintain the status quo.

The real danger to Lhakar will, ironically, come from within. During the Civil Rights Movement in America, many wealthy black professionals and businessmen were asking Martin Luther King Jr. to slow down the campaign for equal rights. “Don’t rock the boat,” they implored him. “If we push too hard, we might lose even what we already have.” In our case too, some well-meaning individuals might try to promote a Lhakar-lite, and keep Lhakar toothless in order to reassure Beijing that it’s harmless. Read article…

Lhakar Awards 2012 go to…
Aug 2012 27

Lhakar Awards 2012 go to…0

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Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) honored seven Tibetan heroes at the Lhakar Awards ceremony in New York. The awards went to seven individuals including Tibetan uprising hero Tsewang Dhondup, political prisoners Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, Yonten Gyatso, Achok Phuljhung, musician Karma Emchi, artist Tenzing Rigdol, and community activist Tsultrim Sangmo.

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Lhakar action in Times Square0

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Jul 2012 21

The beauty of Lhakar lies in its embrace of simplicity. It focuses on the fundamental elements of freedom, the most mundane decisions a person makes in her daily life – when to go to the temple, what kind of music to listen to, what language to speak while giving your phone number to someone, which restaurant to eat in, which shop to buy groceries from – rather than the bigger decisions that carry a higher price tag.

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