A Lhakar Milestone
Apr 2012 04

A Lhakar Milestone0

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Recently, some 2,000 students at the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala started observing Lhakar in a more communal and coordinated way. They launched an initiative to wear chupa every fourth Wednesday in a month. This is a landmark event in the development of Lhakar as a powerful movement not only in Tibet but also in diaspora.

To learn more about this initiative, please read the full article on Lhakar Diaries.

Outlook India covers Lhakar
Feb 2012 20

Outlook India covers Lhakar0

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Outlook Magazine, one of India’s largest magazines, has published an article on Lhakar. The article, written by B. Raman, draws attention to the Tibetan self-reliance movement that has been gathering momentum over the last couple of years. It invokes Gandhi’s satyagraha in the Indian Independence Struggle almost a century ago, and highlights how Tibetans everywhere are taking pledges to participate in a growing noncooperation movement being wielded against China’s economic and political institutions.

Read more here: The Tibetan Satyagraha.

Lhakar Vigil in New York
Jan 2012 28

Lhakar Vigil in New York2

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In light of China’s escalating repression in Tibet, Tibetans and supporters in New York started holding a candle light vigil every Wednesday. This vigil has been held at the Chinese Consulate for the last three Wednesdays, but in the coming weeks it might relocate to Union Square in order to achieve greater exposure to the New York public. At last week’s vigil, SFT’s TenDolkar and RTYC’s Tsetan Lhagyal spoke about the upcoming opportunity to protest Chinese leader Xi Jinping during his visit to the United States from February 13 to 16. Click here for more info about Xi’s schedule.

Tibetan Language Version of Lhakar Video Released!
Dec 2011 28

Lhakar Goes Global
Dec 2011 21

Lhakar Goes Global0

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The power of Lhakar keeps growing at a staggering pace. In response to the powerful actions and messages emerging from Tibet, exiled Tibetans and supporters have started numerous initiatives to globalize the impact of this Tibetan self-reliance grassroots movement. Some young Tibetans have taken this movement in a literary direction, launching a blog called Lhakar Diaries. Others have started holding Lhakar events every Wednesday that constitute simple gatherings, sharing Tibetan meals, listening to Tibetan music, reading poetry and telling stories, etc.

Watch this video of a Lhakar gathering in Paris: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPh1L2_McHg

Four Tibetan Heroes Receive Tibet’s Lhakar Award
Sep 2011 12

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