May 2014 08

Chinese authorities have cracked down on a Tibetan language promotion contest in Zungchu county, eastern Tibet! Below is an excerpt from a news article published by Radio Free Asia:

Chinese authorities have at the last minute blocked a move to hold a traditional Tibetan language competition in a Tibetan-populated county in Sichuan province, citing concerns over the “political implications” of the event, sources said.

The competition calling for participants to speak “pure” Tibetan unmixed with Chinese was scheduled for Feb. 21 in conjunction with International Mother Language Day, and was to have been held in Muge Norwa town in Zungchu (in Chinese, Songpan) county, an area resident told RFA’s Tibetan Service.

Is China criminalizing the Tibetan language? This is what one of the Chinese authorities reportedly said as a justification for the crackdown:

“The Tibetan language contains words that can be used to express opposition to Chinese rule.”

Read the full RFA article here:

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