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Lhakar Awards 20140

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Lhakar Awards 2014

Lhakar Awards 2014 at SFT’s Annual Longsho Nite Fundraiser

Khenpo Kartse, a respected Buddhist teacher and community leader currently in Chinese prison was among the individuals and groups honored with Lhakar Awards in New York City on Saturday, August 23rd during SFT’s annual benefit event.

Students for a Free Tibet held a ceremony to honor Khenpo Kartse (in absentia), and other winners of this year’s Lhakar Awards, which was instituted in 2010 by the New York based student group to recognize contributions to the Tibetan struggle. Khenpo Kartse won the Lhakar award for Resistance “for his social work, cultural promotion and environmental protection in the face of China’s persecution.

“Lhakar is a homegrown people’s movement that emerged in Tibet in 2008, but has now spread across the globe, making it a force that unites Tibetans inside and outside Tibet”, said Tenzin Dolkar, SFT’s Executive Director.  “Through seemingly apolitical actions such as wearing Tibetan clothes and speaking Tibetan, Tibetans in Tibet are directly challenging and resisting CCP policies.”

Jose Elias Esteve & Alan Cantos were given the Lhakar award for Solidarity “for the boldness of their vision, the breadth of their imagination and the strength of their commitment to bringing justice to the Tibetan people”.  Their historical lawsuit in the Spanish court resulted in arrest warrants for 5 top Chinese officials, including former president Jiang Zemin.

The Lhakar award for the Arts was given to Tenzin Tsetan Choklay “for breaking new ground in Tibetan filmmaking by directing the documentary feature ‘Bringing Tibet Home’.

Jigme Ugen received the Lhakar Award for Activism “for his outstanding leadership as a grassroots organizer and digital activist in the Tibetan freedom struggle”.

The Lhakar Award for Journalism was presented to the Tibetan Political Review “for demonstrating unique courage in providing in-depth coverage, investigative reporting and insightful analysis of Tibetan political events”.

Chungdak Koren received the Lhakar Award for Service “for her enduring service to the Tibetan struggle and community for more than four decades”.

The Lhakar Award for Resiliency went to Lhamo Tso, wife of Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen “for her fearless spirit and her tireless work for Dhondup Wangchen’s release”.  While her husband served a 6 year sentence simply for making a documentary, Lhamo Tso traveled to world raising awareness about her husband and advocating for his release.  Her resiliency paid off when her husband was released in June 2014.

“Lhakar has created a culture of resistance inside Tibetan”, said Tsepa Bayul, SFT’s Communications Director.  “After 5 years, Lhakar has become a household name and its widespread practice has become an enduring force for freedom.”

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