Lhakar Goes Global
Dec 2011 21

Lhakar Goes Global0

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The power of Lhakar keeps growing at a staggering pace. In response to the powerful actions and messages emerging from Tibet, exiled Tibetans and supporters have started numerous initiatives to globalize the impact of this Tibetan self-reliance grassroots movement. Some young Tibetans have taken this movement in a literary direction, launching a blog called Lhakar Diaries. Others have started holding Lhakar events every Wednesday that constitute simple gatherings, sharing Tibetan meals, listening to Tibetan music, reading poetry and telling stories, etc.

Watch this video of a Lhakar gathering in Paris: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPh1L2_McHg

Four Tibetan Heroes Receive Tibet’s Lhakar Award
Sep 2011 12

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Tibetans Enthrone Life-Size Portrait of Dalai Lama
Jul 2011 29

In an act of incredible faith and courage, Tibetans at the Jang Gonchoe Festival in Lithang enthroned a life-size portrait of the Dalai Lama on July 25th. Given China’s intensified repression and escalated militarization across Tibet, this act represents an open defiance of Chinese authorities.

It was reportedly an extremely joyous and emotional moment for the more than 5000 Tibetans gathered at the religious congregation, one of the biggest in the nation. Tibetans who had gathered from all parts of Tibet lined up to offer khatas to the portrait of His Holiness.

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Language Awards, Lhakar, and Tibetan Education
Jul 2011 26

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